Friday, March 6, 2009

What fruit do you see in your home today?

On Wednesday, the boys and I went to the store and bought some fruit stickers and green and brown "fun" paper. What, might you be asking, was all this for? Well....

Our new "Fruit of the Spirit" tree that is growing in our kitchen.

I started the process of teaching the fruits of the Spirit with chart that had movable pieces of fruit. There was white column and a red column side by side. When we did not display a certain fruit, it had to be moved to the red column and then they would sit in our "Think About" chair for the number of minutes of their age. At the times end I would talk with them and pray with them about how we can better show that fruit of the Spirit.
But, I was seeing that we were needing more help in the practical part of how this looks in our home, our relationships and attitudes, so God gave me this idea!

When Mommy or Daddy sees a "fruit" we thank our son for displaying this in whatever the situation and then they get to put some fruit on our tree! It has been fun and for my boys a Big incentive to follow-through on the action of living out the fruits of the Spirit!

If you want to try this in your home, I would love to see your trees and hear about how it is working for you:)
On a completely different note.... I am not really into character clothing or shoes that light up. So, one might ask "why in the world is Luke wearing these?"

Well, yesterday we went looking for some spring/summer sandals and found these on sale for $5 and we could not help ourselves! Luke fell totally in love with them and Mommy could not resist this sweet face....

This morning the sweet child woke up and ran to give me hugs, then said "Excuse me mommy, I need to go see if my Lightening shoes slept good." He then asked me if he could take them outside for a walk! Pure happiness for this sweet boy and that my dear friends is why I bought the shoes! :)

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