Thursday, March 26, 2009


I wanted to send you over to MckMama's blog to read this amazing post on prayer.

Her son, Stellan, had heart issues when he was in the womb, but was born healthy and without any problems. Stellan is 5 months old and is in the hospital with SVT, which causes his heart rate to be in the 200's. Knowing what this precious family is facing at this time makes this post on prayer even more beautiful.

Just a preview....

"God already knew would happen. He knew we'd pray. He knows if Stellan is going to live a long life or die soon. We still should pray, still need to pray, but God knows what He is going to do already. And, even if we do storm Heaven on Stellan's behalf, God still may choose to take Stellan home to Heaven. It is our job to communicate with God, to love Him, and, ultimately, to trust that whatever He decides is best.

Did you know that prayer can sometimes do amazing things for the one who is praying, too!? Prayer is talking with God. We are to talk to God. If we love Him, and have a relationship with God, we will want to chat with Him, and tell Him how wonderful He is, and beseech Him with our requests.And, in the end, God will do what God alone wants to do.

These can be hard thoughts to swallow, and even more difficult concepts to understand fully. And it gives me peace that I cannot fully understand God, or how prayer actually works, or what His will really is. All I need to do is to know God. That is enough for me."

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