Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do it now, not later

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. James 4:14

For the past few days my mind has been repeating, "Do it now, not later." Needless to say, I have been getting much done around here including laundry, writing, playing games, cleaning up outside, washing cars, reading chapter books with my boys, making rainbow cupcakes, giving myself a pedicure at midnight, organizing Children's Ministry and much more! But more importantly my heart has been engaged in doing things now and not later that cause me to grow. To grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Many people who have not trusted in Jesus for their salvation would say they feel they have time and will get to it later. But Christians also have a tendency to "put off" refinement for various reasons. As I think about all the things that we would like to have in order before we fully commit to becoming refined, I think that time is not promised to us and no one knows the hour at which they may be called home. If our purpose is to become more Christ-like, shouldn't this be at the top of our list
each day? Sadly, I know that some days all the "To-Do Lists" take up too much room. All the concerns I have of this present world and life take up too much space in my mind. Consequently then, taking up too much of my time that could be spent growing in Him.

Yesterday, my oldest son asked me if there was a real place called Bethlehem. After informing him that there was, he said, "Let's go there tomorrow and meet Mary and Joseph!" I love that my boys really have not completely mastered the sense of time and how long some things actually take! They have this excited urgency to get things done now...today! Realistically not all things are possible (especially since our private jet is in the shop!!!Ha Ha) but, keeping the mindset that doing it now and not later is a good thing. It spurs me on to growth in Christ. It pushes me to deal with those things that hinder me and keep me stagnate.

Much of the world around me pushes in directions that do not always what reflect my pure hearts desire. All the thing of this world that seem to make choices for us make it a challenge to live each day with the number one priority of growing to be more Christ-like. It is more and more difficult to live and make choices that set up apart, for the holiness of God. But each choice is absolutely worth it and all the "stuff" we might give up doesn't really matter.

Last night my very dear friend and mentor, who has a son battling cancer, said, "All that really matters is that they love Jesus. If he died tomorrow, that's what would matter." That is all that matters, that I love the Lord with a passion and my family sees me growing more and more like Him each day. That I lead those little men of mine to Jesus, every day! Eyes are always watching me and I want them to see something authentic.

Here are some of my "now" choices I am making:

Do It Now: In my walk with Christ

memorize those verse this week, stop and pray with the boys now about things that weigh on our hearts, get out my Bible and share where God says that is the right thing to do, let go of the fear and anxiousness now, trust completely and let Him be Sovereign

Do It Now: In my marriage

write him a love letter today, thank him for something when he walks in the door, take extra time to really kiss him~ not just give a peck in passing, let him know what I admire in him, encourage him in his hobby/craft/sport, fix his favorite dinner or dessert, really ask him & really listen about work and what he does each day~ ask him today how I can pray for him while he is gone

Do It Now: In motherhood

play their favorite game now (not when the dishes are done), let them wash dishes, teach him how to hit a baseball, read one extra book at bedtime tonight, make the hard choices to protect them now, give him a voice and really listen, get down on their level, build relationship now~ don't wait! Time is of the essence and I do not have one moment to waste.

Do It Now: In ministry

send the notes of encouragement today, call her and ask how to pray today, give extra, open up my home to get to know new people this month, take time to get to know the kids in Sunday School & purpose to encourage them, find ways to keep investing in her life with Truth

Do It Now: In my health

take my vitamins everyday, walk at least 4 days a week, get up and get going~ do not be lazy, pray more and worry less, say "no" when I need to and when I can, laugh more today

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