Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple-mindedness & Sovereignty

For the past few days I have been unable to quiet the many thoughts that run around in my head looking for clear direction and anwsers. Unfortunately, because they center around the whole idea of God's "chosen" and those "not chosen," it is not likely that I will actually come to a nicely packaged black & white anwser. Although this is how my brain works that best.

I know that I will land on the side that God is Sovereign, but I can't help to ask the questions and wrestle with it in my head. Which then leads me asking, "Why are some things easier for me to leave solely in the hands of my Sovereign God, while others things I feel need an answer or help from my hand of control. (Ha! Ha!)

Like for example, the picture at right was taken just a few days ago and I do not at all spend time questioning how God is knitting together in me another precious life. It is so beyond me, I just rest in knowing He is in control. We don't like to find out if we are being blessed with a boy or girl. I do have a hearts leaning toward one, but I rest knowing God knows who we need to be joining our family and I am excited about finding out who that little person will be.

Over the past few days as I have wrestled with the thoughts rambling on in my head, I have found that I greatly love the characteristic of God that He is Sovereign. Just saying that outloud causes me to take a deep breath~ nothing is out of His watchful eye and hand of perfect provision. The most amazing part is that it is ALL for His glory, which is bigger than I can comprehend, so although I will never understand His perfect will, I can fully trust it.

And what may I ask is full-proof trustworthy today? Nothing, except the Sovereignty of God, which is not at all simple-minded. Psalm 139:17 "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them." God has something to say about all aspects of my life, nothing is hidden from His sight. Now, I also have much to say about all aspects of my life, but do they line up with what my Sovereign God of the universe has to say?

Well, let me be still so I can hear just what He has to say. I am certain it will be beyond my own simple-minded thoughts, yet just right for me to understand and know what He is asking of me. God is pretty cool like that, I think.....Big enough to take care of it ALL, and near enough for me to feel and hear Him whisper to my heart His desires for me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In the Little Things

Hello again....

Last night we met with our small group, which we love, and it had been awhile since we had all been together. Our pastor is doing a sermon series on Revelation (click
here to check it out!) so we are spending our small group time in further discussion about the sermon.

We discussed the July 5 sermon, and we spent a great deal of our time talking about ways in which we "deny" Christ. Denial can take many different forms and we discovered that here in our plush, un-persecuted world it is very easy to slip by having to really "stand" for Christ. It doesn't help us either that as adults we have been trained and influenced by many different fears and ways of thinking passed onto us from family, experience and worldly pressures.

I am always quieted when my five year old asks someone if they love Jesus~ he hasn't been influenced to think that that is not a good idea~ he just thinks everyone should love Jesus. He is always so excited to tell a perfect stranger that he has received Jesus into his heart. Ah!~ The beauty of child-like faith. All he knows is that he loves Jesus and this is worth sharing!

Now, don't we know that same thing? Don't I have 26 years of experience with God's faithfulness in my life, His drawing me nearer and nearer to Him, His perfect provision always sustaining me as I walk in realtionship with Him? Yes! Of course I do~ but why do I sometimes act as if I do not?

Fear, doubt, denial.

So, where do I strengthen these muscles? Last night we all agreed that it was in the small things. Developing my faith and trust in God in the small decisions, strengthens me for trusting in the big things. When I can keep walking in full trust in the daily decisions and things that pull at me, then this is my default mode when the big storms come raging. As one friend last night said, "The storm is raging around me, but I am walking on steady calm ground."

God is big and He is actively at work right now. We read in His word about a burning bush, a talking donkey, a staff that turns to a snake and we think, "Wow! What it would be like to see such a miracle." Well, stop just a minute and think of a way He has divinely provided for you in this last week. Have you seen a baby in a mother's womb? Have you been able to forgive someone through Christ? Have you read anything about the modern day persecuted church around the world? God is still in the business of miracles and I believe in everyday kind of miracles.

Trust, faith, perseverence.

Let these be the words that define us and drive us towards living a life that stands more firmly for Christ. Do not deny Christ the glory due His name anymore. Live your life in such a way that it shouts, "I belong to Christ!" See what He might do through you to reach the lives of those living in the greatest denial, which is unbelief.

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