Sunday, March 8, 2009

NewLens Challenge: Days 10-14

Proverbs 14:1 "The wise woman builds her home, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands."


Day 10 When your husband comes home today from work, refrain from complaining about your day. Focus on all the good things that took place and let him know the best part was him coming home!

Day 11 Take some time tonight to sit down with your husband and ask him what are some of his goals/dreams. Ask him what you can do to help him over time to accomplish them.

Day 12 Make your husbands favorite dessert for supper tonight.

Day 13 We often start "filling the room" with talking when our husband's come home from work. Work hard today to set up your house to be full of excitement (my boys go crazy with happiness!)when Daddy gets home, but then quiet for him to just be able to relax.

Day 14 Do you remember what first attracted you to your husband? Let him know!


Day 10 Find at least three times today to let your child know, "I am commited to you!" Tell them that this means you are always doing what is best for them based on what God asks you to do.

Day 11 Sit down with your kids and write a fun story to share tonight at supper! Start the sentences and let them fill in words once-in-awhile. (Ex: Once upon a time, there was a __________ and it decided to take a ride in a ___________) This promises, lot of laughs! Enjoy~

Day 12 Make your child's favorite cookies today! (You are already baking :) ) If you have more than one child, cutout cookies can be fun~

Day 13 Play a board game with your children today.

Day 14 Find time to sit with each child today and just let them talk! If they are not big talkers, sing songs with them or read a favorite book.

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