Friday, March 6, 2009

NewLens Challenge: Days 8 & 9

How are you doing? I pray that this past week has been encouraging to your heart and your home! If you are new to this, don't worry or be hard on yourself, change takes time and grace is available for the process~ thank you, Jesus! I also wanted to share something that has been on my heart. If you are unable to actually do these things for your husband or children (there are number of reasons why this might be) then I encourage you to keep a notebook for them, pray these things for them and pray about when you may be able to share with them. The most important part to remember is that although it benefits our family, it is really about changing our heart and attitude toward them! A sweet reminder God reveals to me each day I journey as a wife and mother~

Have a wonderful weekend!


Day 8 Buy a small notebook, make a cute book or just grap some notebook paper and staple it together! Whatever your style, get a book to start writing love letters to your husband :) My husband recently bought this book, and although I have not read it yet, I am looking forward to it! The art of handwritten notes is almost lost, so revive this art, as well as all the reasons why you first fell in love with your husband, and let him know! If your husband is willing, you can invite him to write in it also, and pass it back and forth between the two of you! See how long you can keep this expression of love growing over time~ (I bought my little book at the right at Archiver's for about 4.99)

Day 9 At Sunday lunch, share with everyone what you love about your husband and why you are grateful that God placed him as the leader of your home.


Day 8 Make a fun page of "7" things I love about you on this day! Sit down and read it to your child, then find a special place to keep it for them. Purpose to randomly do this on a different day each month, using the date for the number of things you love! Don't worry about the "artistry" of the page, just make it fun for your child. Keep them in mind and use things/colors that they love :)

Day 9 At Sunday lunch, share with everyone why you are so grateful to God that you are "your child's name" mommy! Thank them for the special kind of joy they bring to your family.

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