Saturday, March 21, 2009

NewLens Challenge: Days 22-27

Hello Ladies! Wow, this was a tough week for me~ We have been working on a project at our church, that has consumed me for the past two weeks and this week I was on guard, up against many attacks. I am sorry I did not post Friday night for the weekend, I pray that you found a special way to honor your husband and children yesterday! This last week is really an inward focus for ourselves and I know it is going to be challenging, but also I pray have a profound impact on our hearts!

As you go through the week, find your own ways to:
1. Honor your husband
2. Be intentional with your children

Please comment with your ideas! I would really love to hear how you personally found ways to build life into your family. I will be looking forward to hearing what God has done in your heart~

You know your family better than anyone and remember, NO ONE CAN DO FOR THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM! Make a list as you go through the week and maybe even look back through this challenge at what you have already done. Does something stand out that really impacted your husband or children, act on that and bless them again! They will tell you by words or actions what encourages and builds them up!


Day 22 to Day 27 Purpose to set aside each day to be in prayer about your attitude and "unspoken" expectations that you have put on your husband. Open God's word each day for the next six days and find a scripture that reveals to your heart what God is to you. Our husbands are not meant to "be all" and "provide all" we need and /or desire, but our Heavenly Father is! Draw near to Him and He will meet you where you are. Somehow, record each verse and pray that verse through-out your day.

(Also, be working on planning a "date night." Keep your husband in mind when planning. Even if it means later after all the children have gone to bed if you can't afford to go out somewhere. Plan something very special just for the two of you to enjoy!)


Day 22 to Day 27 For your children, first lay aside your dreams and expectations for them and let God fill your heart will pure intentions on their behalf. Yes, we all have the best intentions when dealing with our children, but it is hard as parents not to sometimes try and "mold" them ourselves. And GOD'S job! So release your children fully to God and find scripture to encourage you in viewing them solely through God's lens. What does God say about children? What verse(s) is He revealing to you concerning your child(ren)? Record the verses you find. Then find sometime to share with your children what God says about them. Let them know that what God says matters to you and you are going to trust in God's orginal design of them~ letting Him bring to completion all that is possible in each of them.

(Plan a special "date night" with each of your children. This may need to happen over the next couple of weeks, depending on the number of children you have. Plan something fun to do to have special time to invest one-on-one.)

Have a wonderful week!

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