Friday, February 6, 2009

One Day at a Time

At the start of 2009, I choose the word intentional as my word for the year. Earlier in December I had found a great challenge in my Creating Keepsakes magazine called Project 365. The concept is to take a picture each day of 2009 and scrapbook & journal, so that you have a year of "everyday life" when it's all over. I loved this idea from the start. It would be a great way for me to look at each day and keep those everyday memories that make up my "real life." So, here is just a snapshot of my book, which is different from the kit designed by Becky Higgins. (Which sold out very quickly and is not available for purchase right now.)

I am journaling on my computer, then printing out the pages. I printed my pictures at Target in a 5x7 collage, so they are each about 1 x 1.5 inches. I used a pretty 3-ring binder as the book and put each page in a page protector. The most challenging part for me is that I am stamping around the pictures, which is a new scrapbooking technique for me to use! I am learning very much about how to do this better, so I am hoping that over the year my stamping will improve.

My sweet husband added to the challenge that I could only take a picture on the days I had spent time with my precious Lord, which I am trying to do early in the morning. Which right now I am about 50/50~ remember I am a night owl, NOT a morning person! :) I have only missed taking a picture 3 days~ oh how I wish for those 3 days back, to have had my sweet time. Even at this time I'm not sure why it didn't get done, except that I did not make it a priority. Oh my precious Lord, please forgive my lack of diligence.

I thought it would be so great to add what God is teaching me through this year also. So I also have my spiritual journal amongst the pictures. He is really at work in my heart, so I am so excited to look back and see how He has caused me to grow!

The other aspect I am including is important papers or favorite art of my sweet boys! I also love that this project is simple and easy for me to keep up. I am going to work on this past week tomorrow night!

I thank God for each moment He allows me to be a wife and mother. I love all the everyday tasks that when joined together make a beautiful life. I have so much to be grateful to the Lord for and so much that brings me joy, even at the most random moments. For instance, sitting at the dinner table the other night when Luke got down without permission, then proceeded to run into the living room. Wesley said, "Luke, please come back to the table." Well...the sweet child (who was wearing socks) tried to stop and turn around and well, it is hard to explain but it was hilarious. Wesley and I could not keep our composure and completely lost it laughing so hard, we were both crying and out of breath!

Thank you Lord for providing the perfect balance of your joy even amidst the laundry, piling bills, discipline, lack of focus, trying moments, schooling, serving...the list goes on and on. BUT so does Your perfect provision and joy! I am looking forward to being able to praise you at the end of 2009 for all the goodness You have shown to me.

Just a few of my favorites so far:

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