Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Bug!

I know! Mama feels the same way...today you are turning 5! I cannot believe how much you have grown. Oh my precious Eli, I pray that you continue growing in the truth of God and that one day soon, He will fully reveal Himself to your heart and you will bow your knee to our amazing God. I pray for your eyes to be fully opened to see the darkness of your own heart and the beauty of the free gift of salvation. Jesus Christ is worth living for with all that you have been and will be given in your life! I pray that you will come to a complete understanding of being a passionate follower of Jesus Christ!

Last night Mommy & Daddy asked you what the best part of being four was~ and you said..."That I got to be 4, for so long." Oh, you make us smile!

You say so many things that make us smile, so I wanted to capture some of my favorites....

"Mommy! You are disobeying the instructions!" (cooking one day when I changed the ingredients)

"You don't grow by eating vegetables, you grow by having birthdays!"

"Daddy really loves badasco (tabasco)."

"Isn't it fun having good Eli around?"

Wesley had just jump-started the car and was letting it run. Eli asked me why and I told him that Daddy was letting it run to give it some juice. Eli replied by saying, "I didn't know that juice came out when it ran."

I also love every time to ask to eat "logrit" (yogurt).

"Mommy do you have a plan for the day?"

Happy Birthday my big boy! I am loving my life being your mama, it is so full and fun each and every day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!! :) Who-hoo for five years old! :)

From The Daniels' in Iowa

Lisa Dace said...

I LOVE the slide show. What a blessing Eli has in you to pray for him in such a way. What a blessing I have that you are my living breathing example. Way to go Mom, you have made it for five years so far.

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