Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out of the mouth of Babes...

I just had to share this sweet e-mail from my boys' Sunday School teacher concerning this past Sunday:

You know I had a grand opportunity to visit with Eli and Luke on Sunday. Just the three of us for about 40 minutes.. I just had to share this with you as I am amazed everyday with the 'wisdom" of our children. In no way should you interpret this as anything other than my love
(which I have to add is very much!) for what they share with me.....from waffles and cereal to grand experiences.

After much serious discussion about Christmas and who (family) visited on Christmas Eve and who was there for Christmas Day....we played ball.

We tossed the ball from their high perch on the play gym for maybe 15 minutes, laughing about how it bounced off their heads and how I had to chase it on the ground....until Eli realized he was taller than Luke and could bat the ball from him. After a half a dozen misses on Luke's part as Eli bopped it my way, Luke pops himself on the forehead with the palm of his hand, looks at me with those huge doe eyes and says, "....now do you see why I am so frustrated...". I thought I would choke on keeping my laughter in check. Before I could counter a suitable response. Luke spreads his hands wide, looks at Eli and says..."this is why mommy is so frustrated too.."

They are one of the highlights of my day! The excitement in your home has to be simply delightful. Thank you for the opportunity to share their time.

In Christ's name,
Oh! My children never cease to amaze me at their many tries to be "so grown up." My boys are both very verbal, so it is at some point a riot in this house when one of them says something quite unexpected! I love how God sends me laughter at just the perfect moments. How cool is it that He is a God that enjoys laughter and allows us to experience that kind of joy at it's purest level in our children! Thank you God!

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