Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009


This is my word for 2009. I was encouraged by the idea of choosing a word to define this year from Ali. I am excited about a fresh start this year. I love the idea of getting to stop for a moment and regroup. So often our lives get going and no matter how well we keep up, soon we are in the revolving door that never slows down, yet alone stops!

We started last month by listing our values and goals, so we now have a plumbline, that is based on God's Word, to align all of our decisions. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to sit down and make decisions for our family and for ourselves.

I have been spending time in prayer and thought as we put our next 6 months together and yesterday I came across this beautiful writing by
Ann. So, here are the ways I am planning to be intentional.

Start my day early~ Now this, I have to tell you, is difficult for me, becuase I am naturally a night owl. But I love the early morning and I always find myself accomplishing much more than I ever imagine. Not to mention the sound of the early risers in nature praising their Creator as they rise and begin to find their morning breakfast. I love this sound!

Align myself with my "True North"~ For me this is going to be memorizing and studying the book of 1 John. I also purpose to find verses to be memorizing that will help me encourage my husband and verses that guide me in training my children.

My 6 "Once-a-months"~ I have days scheduled once a month to have date night with my husband, a date night with each son, meeting with my mentor/friend, meeting with my kindred accountability friend and having a Creative Connection night where I get to work on my art and open my home up to other women who love to be creative. My first priority is to be at home in the trenches, where I most love to be spending my time. I have been called by God to be a wife, a mother and a servant for Him. I am really looking forward to growing in each of these areas over the next year.

Servanthood. At my very core, I am most happy serving. I can do this meeting the needs of my husband, caring for my children by teaching, reproofing, correcting and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16-17). I also am a servant as I take care of my home and meet needs in the body of Christ. I intend on seeking out what God has for me in this area of ministry. My home is the base of my ministry to others and I long to use all that God has given me for His glory.

As other opportunities come up, I have strong guardrails to keep me aligned with where God desires. I pray that you have had some time to stop and think upon what God desires for your life in 2009. Each day we are closer to the coming of our Lord and I pray that each of us desires to be found faithful doing Kingdom work upon His return.

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