Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Movie Review

This is something new for me to do, but last night I watched a wonderful movie about survival and purpose in life. The Children of Huang Shi is based on the true life story of British journalist George Hogg. This movie is inspiring in the sense that what he originally sets out to find in China in the 1930's is offset by what he actually comes across. He is given a new purpose that he does not really choose for himself, but he absolutely gives his entire life to the success of what he has been asked to do. He is brought into the lives of 60 orphaned boys and finds great fortitude in working to change the lives of these boys. It is rated R for disturbing images dealing with torture of the Chinese people and I only remember hearing two cuss words. Despite these things, it is a movie I would recommend for adults.

It is an amazing story of survival and the legacy that one can leave behind, that actually changes the lives of others. I also appreciate that it is based on someone's life story. How encouraging to see one person making a difference. Hogg makes the statement in the movie, that even if one person is changed then it was for good. It doesn't have to be change for a great multitude, any change for the better is a wonderful thing. Each of us can make a difference in the life of someone, so where might God be trying to use you?

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Willow said...

So glad you liked it - I think that is in our blockbuster queue right now :) Good to hear since so many are so terrible! :)

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