Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Wimpy Women Found Here!

First, please forgive me for not posting over the weekend. I was in Schaumburg, IL for the truewoman 08 conference, hosted by Nancy Leigh DeMoss' ministry Revive Our Hearts. WOW! Let me tell you God was at work! There were 6,000 women in attendance and it was packed full of annointed speakers, refreshing music and the cry of many women longing to see God move in their lives.

I will be posting several different special insights the Lord showed me over the three days~

To start, I would like to share something Pastor John Piper shared in his message on Friday night. He started his message by stating that, "Wimpy theology makes wimpy women!" Womanhood was not an afterthought of God in the process of creation. It was in His orginal design! So what does this tell us?

In Piper's words, "Do not settle for wimpy theology, it is beneath you!" Wimpy theology finds at it's core the idea of women-centeredness. Now ladies, how in the world are we to magnify God if we are centered on ourselves? Simple. We are not able to magnify God. Is that scary? YES!!

Piper stated, "True womanhood is a distinctive calling of God to display the glory of God in ways it would not be displayed, if there were no womanhood." Yes, go ahead and read it again. It did say that we, as women, are called to display God's glory in a unique way. This is exciting to me! I know that as a mother and wife I have a high calling on my life, but to know that my womanhood alone is capable of displaying God's glory is humbling.

Now the obvious question is, "What does this kind of womanhood look like specifically?" When thinking about the purpose of her being in a wheelchair for 40 years, Joni Eareckson Tada sees God's divine hand at work every day of her life. What does she have to say about it?"This paralysis is my greatest mercy." Just sit a moment and soak in what she said. Does this sound like wimpy theology? Not even close. If she was a wimpy woman, she would have said that her paralysis was God's greatest injustice to her and her family. But, that is not even close to where her heart is. Why? Becasue she is close to her sovereign God and she trusts Him.

The other statement I loved from Piper's message is his challenge to us that we would, "Be done with small thoughts about God's design for womanhood." The world tells us through every possible avenue that womanhood is unecessary. We can have children on our own, climb the corporate ladder on our own, create our own happiness, be aggressive, in-control, successful and powerful. Why would we possibly want to settle for just being a wife and a mother? What a waste of a life, says the world.

What do we think? Do we fall prey to this thinking? I confess that I do sometimes wonder if I am doing enough. As if being about the purpose of serving my husband and helping him do what God has called him to do for His kingdom is not enough. The training of children in righteousness. Does that actually sound like a weekend project?

My role as a woman in my home as a helpmate and a mother, is profoundly valuable to God. He is trusting me in these roles to display His glory. Can anyone else do for my husband and children what I can do? No~ Can anyone do for my God what I can do? No~

What a beautiful picture to me. The sacrifice of myself as I wash and hang clothes, knead bread, teach my son to read, memorize scripture for training my children, type my husbands Sunday School notes, organize his numerous papers for study, get up before my body actually desires to be awake...what do these things do? They, with the attitude of serving God alone, display God's glory. Each of us is sacrificing daily for the needs of others. Do we see the sacrifice through the lens of displaying God's glory? We definitely should.

Where has God called you to display his glory? How are you doing? Oh I pray that each of us will find the joy in surrendering to the fullness of true womanhood. Answering the call to do that which displays God's glory in all I do with my life.

If you would like to hear John Piper's message in complete form, please check it out at http://www.truewoman.com Click on re-live True Woman 08 Conference. You can also access Joni Eareckson Tada's message at this same link.


Willow said...

What a good reminder...for me it reminds me how far Jesus has brought me and yet how far I have to go...

Thank you for the link. I am finding that in my "down" time it is such a blessing for me to listen to teachings online. What better way to pass the time of getting caught up on some baking or folding laundry! Some of those "mothering" tasks...

I would love to recommend a book called The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. It is a beautiful reminder of the crucial calling God has called us to as women who are raising His little arrows. The world may not place value on our jobs but our Creator certainly does.

John Piper's challenge reminded me of what I heard Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle say recently...he said he believes hard words produce soft hearts and soft words produce hard hearts. I don't think he means unkind words but truthful words that cause us to examine our lives. I know for me hard words keep me from getting too comfortable. I need to be constantly challenged to avoid falling into that place where I am no longer purposely living my day as a servant of God.

Melissa said...

I have that book on my reading list, I may need to bump it up to the top! Thanks for the suggestion. I also love the idea of accepting "hard words" that spur us on to keep on the narrow path of God's calling on our lives.

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