Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Child Training Tuesday

"Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of discipline will remove it far from him." Proverbs 22:15

Well, one does not have to spend too much time with the average child under the age of 6 to realize the truth of this verse. More importantly I wonder what does one think about that truth? Is it normal? Is it cute, because, well she is just so adorable. Is it heart breaking? Yes, I believe that should be our answer. This behavior in our children should be of great concern to us. Why? Because they are walking the path of unrighteousness, which is the way of darkness and death. Their foolishness separates them from the path of righteousness, which is the way of life.

This is the purpose of my responsibility as a parent. To train them in righteousness. My heart breaks when my child is lost in his foolishness, but I do not despair, because I know there is hope. The window of opportunity, although somewhat limited, is open...now! So what does God's word tell me to do? "Discipline your son while there is hope and do not desire his death." Proverbs 19:18.

What is the value of discipline and instruction? She is life, both to me and to my children. "Take hold of instruction; do not let go. Guard her, for she is your life." Proverbs 4:13. It is a wearisome responsiblity to constantly be training your children, but I know it is important to God, so it must be important to me! A half-hearted attempt will not accomplish the task. I am confident that I am not the only mother that has spent half the day training a one year old not to touch the tv buttons. Was the effort worth it? Yes! Instead of storing away our household belongings, they are out and enjoyed because the children understand their boundaries.

I also have to admit, that was a much easier task, then what I now face at the age we have arrived. Why? The boundaries seem more valuable, yet harder to stay within. Each day I am seeing one of my boys battling his sin. Not just an occasional occurance, but a serious battle. Where is my role? Right alongside him in the trenches. He must come to the place of surrendering his own will to the will of His heavenly Father. It is my job to be the guardrails, the voice of truth and discipline. I must be on my knees to know how to reach the heart of this child. It does not rest upon my shoulders, because ultimately God is in control of this transformation, but I must be found faithful in my role.

Oh my dear, this is where the battle begins for me. The daily distractions and responsibilities are ever knocking at my door and I am pulled in many directions. But, the value of discipline is life. So I trust in my Heavenly Father and rely on Him to do the heart work in my children as I do the laboring here on earth. I do not labor in vain or all on my own. Just as God loves me and disciplines me, I also love my children and need to discipline them.

This is more than just being consistent, but rather it is a life choice I make in being a mother. It is the daily sacrifice I make when I decide it is most valuable. Many things pull for the attention of my children, I must be on guard, so that I am first in line. Ready with Truth, which is the most effective weapon I have against the enemy. I will not surrender, I will not back down. I know that I am in a fight for the heart of my child. The world tries hard to distract me, so I must say no to them and Yes! to God.

Oh Father, I need Your strength to stay strong in the battle. I need Your wisdom to know how to speak to the heart of my child. I need You.

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Lisa Dace said...

Thank you for posting on child training each Tues. It is a great reminder and encouragement. The best reminder I got out of this is that my place in down in the trenches with him - not towering over him telling him what he did wrong. It is much harder to do the right thing, but I looking forward to the peaceable fruit of righteousness as I submit to my heavenly Father's discipline the way I hope my boys submit to the discipline I place in their life.

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