Friday, May 27, 2011

Note to Self....

I too often say.....

Just a minute.....
When I get finished I will come..... Not right now..... I don't have time for that at this moment..... No...... I'm busy right now.....

Jesus said......

Permit it at this time.... (Matt 3:15)
I will come and heal him. (Matt 8:7) Come! (Matt 14:29) Let the little children come to Me.... (Mark 10:14) Let us go...... (Luke 8:22)...for today I must.... (Luke 19:5)

Jesus' time here on earth was brief. In fact if I lived the same amount of time that he had, I would already be dead.

So this is a "Note to Self"~

Dear Melissa,

"Life is not about all the extras, it is about the purpose for which you were created. It is about pouring yourself into the small things that really matter because in the end when it is all poured out, it will be something big... it will have been your whole life lived for the pleasure of self or for the pleasure of God.

You have been given a huge task to share the truth and love of Christ. He chose you to walk alongside Wesley as his helpmate and to train up your three little men in righteousness. These are no small tasks girl! So don't miss out thinking you are too busy with all the stuff that needs to be done, to do those little acts of service and love for those little feet that follow you around all day long. For those little voices that ask a million questions before 10am each morning!

Pour your heart into living all out for the glory of God and it will not have been wasted. Right now all around you there is disaster from storms that have ripped through homes and lives. You don't need all the stuff of life to live life. Fill up your heart with the truth and invest in the eternal.

God does intend for you to enjoy those extra blessings He bestows, but not to live for them. He does want you to be responsible with working at home, so you must not be idle and discern through prayer how to use your time each day wisely.

Live for Him and for them, it's worth all that you give up. I promise....."


Mark and Laura said...

I've been thinking those same thoughts recently. Too many times I catch myself saying I'm busy or no. Thanks for your great reminder and encouragment.

We should get together again sometime. Let me know!

Melissa said...

I am so happy to hear from you:) I was thinking about you this morning, but my littles woke up before I was able to send you a message~

Hope y'all are doing well. Are you adjusting? I would love to get together, we have a fun water park here in Collierville. The second week in June would work for us after 10am:)

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