Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Devotion? {s}

I remember a few years ago, as I was listening to a radio-talk show interview a Christian author about motherhood she re-told one of her favorite "real-life" learning moments.

One morning she was awoken early and decided to get up and spend some much needed time with the Lord. It had honestly been a few weeks since she really spent some time before Him. She quietly walked to the kitchen and made some tea, then settled down in her chair.

She began praying when she heard slippered feet coming down the hallway. "LORD! Why on earth is one of my children up this early? I got up and am going to spend time with You and one of them is awake! This really doesn't seem fair!"

As her child approached her, he excitedly said, "Mama, were you waiting for me?" Gentle tears began to fall down her cheeks as she realized deep in her heart that each morning, God was waiting for her, but she did not consistently get up to meet Him. Oh what a sweet moment that encouraged her to be just as eager to get up for her waiting Father!

The word "devotions" always seems to bring up an array of ideas in conversation. I love how Jess so simply puts into honest words our need and desire to spend time with the Lord. Not time in a "well I checked that off my list for the day" kind of way, but really BE with and before the Lord.

Our Creator.
Our Savior.
Our Peace amidst the storm.
Our Comfort.
Our Guide.
Our Provider.
Our Protector.
Our Healer.
Our Ever-present help.
Our Emmanuel.

Yes. THAT God, sovereign over the entire universe! He longs to hear from us, so that we may hear from Him. Let Him, "wake you morning by morning." (Isaiah 50:4)

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