Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Always Worth It

The day began with pancakes, singing and cards from all my men. This day that bears the name of so many women all over the world. Mothers Day, a celebration of the women that have had profound impact on our lives in various ways and for so many reasons. It is also a day that many say, "A day just for me!" I am sure that in some way we all feel an aspect of this thought.

This year, Mother's Day was not exactly what I had in mind. Not because anyone was trying to make it about other things but because, just as life happens, something else had to get done on Sunday. Honestly, I had something in mind that I really wanted to do that I thought would make the day great, but I was given the opportunity to practically live out my role as a wife and mother. I'm not always great at giving up what I want and it was a little hard on this day especially, but it all came down to my choice to surrender or hold on tight.

To be sacrificing for those that I love and choose to spend my life investing in each day. Although it seemed as though the day should be just what I wanted, it was also a day that was being used to help push me to grow. I said to Mr. Wonderful, "Anytime I have the opportunity to be more Christ-like, it's always worth it.....right?" He grins that grin that got me from the start and I know. I know that this stretching will be worth it.

As I look back on the day, I had so many blessings that made it special in it's own way.

The smiles on mothers faces as they carried roses given to them by their children at church

Watching my little men watch big trucks in action

Ice cream running down chubby fingers

Watching him (mr. wonderful) do what he is so good at....encouraging and teaching

Boys at play, free to run and climb, splashing in the pool

Salmon and asparagus

A quiet moment with mr. wonderful

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