Sunday, May 3, 2009

For His Purpose Alone

I recently mentioned in this post that God was at work in my heart about staying home full-time. In the previous mentioned post I wrote about trusting God, because having me work less really doesn't sound like a good idea in today's world. But, at the same time I also knew that He would make a way, because this was His desire for me.

Well, I didn't mention this before, but this has been my hearts desire ever since our oldest was born nearly 5 1/2 years ago. I love to be home, I love home-making and taking care of my husband and children. I really have not liked having my day end by 3:00pm each afternoon in order to go to work and find care for the boys and the list goes on.

So, deep in my heart saying "yes" to God really wasn't that hard for me, but circumstances made it seem more difficult. Now, fast forward one month and here we are today. What has God done?

He freed up our finances in such a way that I do not need to work~ Yes, amazing I know. I can most often be found still speechless. This morning I was talking to God and listening and He made it so evidently clear that yes, this was a desire of my heart, but He had done all of this for His purpose alone.

He made the path so clear, so brightly lit with neon lights for me to be home 100%, I can say, "Only by the hand of God." You see in the midst of HIS great plan, He also found a way to encourage the deepest part of my heart and remove a source of stress to me. He found a way to gently lead me directly down the path He intends for me to be walking.
And you know the most beautiful part of it to me is that He has rendered my heart speechless, except for the song of praise I have continually sung since the day He did this amazing work on our behalf. Do you remember me saying recently in this post that God always gives us what we don't deserve? Well, that is exactly the kind of God I serve and I am humbled that He would work in such a detailed way to bring about HIS purposes in my life while also blessing me beyond what I could imagine.

Thank you God for showing me that this was not about me, but it was all about You! You are not concerned that I am comfortable (so to speak) or that I get all I would like to have in life, rather you are concerned with the state of my heart. You are also concerned with my focus being on doing that which matters most to You! What is really amazing is that when You choose, You are capable of setting me firmly on the path You desire, while also making my joy complete in You alone. Thank you, I do not have the words....


Lisa Dace said...

Amazing! The more I know, that more I don't have words for it. God is SO good.

Melissa said...

My sentiments exactly my dear friend! God is really beyond words and His work on our behalf is really beyond all comprehension! I really think it is quite fun serving this kind of amazing God :)

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