Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Purity: In quietness I find my strength

The day awakens early and I feel that I am not quite ready for it. I lay in the quiet and can see just beyond the darkness, the sun waiting to push into full view. One small chirp from an eager early-riser, I turn over trying to quiet my mind back to sleep. It does not take long for the rush of "things" to begin to fill my head. The lists and questions, the overwhelming amount of work waiting just at the end of the bed.

Oh Father, how do I remain undivided and available to You when even here in the early quiet hours so much seems to distract? It is like a beautiful song being played that rushes to it's climax, the notes continually rolling into one another. I can feel the need for the meter to slow down and for it to come to a place of rest.

All that I "need" to do continually rolls into each other and my day is full before my feet have hit the cool floor. I want only to have time to do what it is that You are asking me... Life needs to be done at the same time: laundry, chores, quiet time, school work, time for play and creativity, reading, encouraging, ministry, writing, organizing, cooking

You have given me this home to care for, this life to make it count for You alone! Oh how I do not feel as though I am always "set apart" for Your purposes. Help me to see the beauty in being an eager early-riser. Starting with my best for You. Before the pull of the day begins to take it's toll and my mind is lost in this list of life needs.

I must purpose to start my day blameless, set apart only unto You. As the sun begins to eagerly rise up from the horizon, I am so peacefully aware of Your mercies that are new every morning! They surround me with a freshness that can only be found in Your presence. Oh Lord, I pray that I will start there, remain there and end there~ which will prove to be true in saying I never left You. You say in Your word, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (Hebrews 13:2) How could it be that I would leave You? My one place of safety and peace. I so often wear out from the life that beckons me to come meet it's needs, yet in You alone I will find a steadfastness that will keep me strong to not grow weary.

I do not rise up on eagles wings within my own might and strength, but rather in the shadow of Your wings. May my eyes see the beauty of purely living in refuge of Your wing. faithful and blameless, so pure and holy, so available to me. Thank you precious Savior~

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