Monday, June 1, 2009

God Alone.

Hello! Sorry it has been awhile, I have been away at my mama's house for 2 weeks and I am just back in for a week before I travel again up north to visit more family...

Here are some random thoughts I am having right now...

1. I love the blogs that I read and I was realizing that most of them are an everyday kind of "the day in the life of" type blogs and that is why I like them. Although they are also challenging in ways which I appreciate, because I love when something makes me think, question, or try something new.

2. My blog is not really a "day in the life of" kind of blog, but I also love that! I have sometimes thought about posting everyday kind of stuff, but usually end of erasing it~ although I haven't pinned down the reason why, except that I really think my life is quite ordinary. (Which I am VERY happy with, by the way...)

This leads me to thinking about an ordinary life... does mine really fall into this category? Here is my life in a nutshell:

I am a stay at home mom with 2 children.

I am fiercely devoted to my husband.

I love to be home, doing homey kind of things. Or sometimes...shhh! Nothing at all! Oh my!

I don't watch tv and could not tell you who the biggest loser was or is.

I don't ever shop, except for household stuff, which I would just as soon order on-line and have sent to me!

I love the Lord and really try to set about doing that which matters to Him, most of the time. (I do fail, but I know that faithfulness counts with God, so honestly making the effort matters!) As you know, this sometimes happens at personal cost, but it is most definitely worth it!

I love to learn from older women.
I miss all of my family and would really love to live within 10 miles of them all!

I really do not have "tons" of friends and I have never really had "tons" of friends. I like it this way.

I am not out in the world much but when I am, I often feel a bit mis-placed. But not to my discouragement.

I hate to do dishes and usually forget one load of clothes in the washer each week.
I am still trying to perfect making home-made bread.
I sometimes let my boys eat popsicles for breakfast!
I love that God has wired me to be ministry-minded and the world makes most the most sense to me this way.
I try not to seem like it can only be my way, I just often come equipped with a vision and it is hard for me to let go of that sometimes.
At least once a week one of my boys climbs into bed in the middle of the night and I leave them there becasue I like having them close.
I often feel like I talk too much, but sometimes have nothing to say.

So, I this an ordinary life? Yes, because it is so different than everyone elses or no because it doesn't look at all like most of the 30 something SAH moms around me. What do you think? How do you view your life? Are you content with the view you see? Why or why not?

Most often I am found discontent because God is at work and He is causing me to be aware that something vital is missing. Does that happen to you? I really want to live an ordinary life if it means leaving out all the stuff that gets in the way of living sold-out for God. Even some of the things I might aspire to do seem ordinary to me, because I am ordinary. What makes my life extraordinary? God alone.


Lisa Dace said...

Yes, you seem to have an ordinary life. The (good, but) strange part of that is, you are not ordinary at all. You accomplish more than I ever even have planned. You speak gently even when you'd rather not. And you think in the most creative way - it baffles me! And I love it.

Do I agree with you? Almost always. Am I like you? Just enough that we see eye-to-eye and love spending time together doing whatever it is we are doing, and just different enough that we are totally differnt. How cool is that? (as Ryder says)

Do I feel ordinary? Absolutely, but I wonder how much of that is beacause I am constantly reminded that God is so big. And then I think, I am ordinary and yet I have done, and am called to do amazing things. I mean I am left alone with three of God's creations and I am responsible to keep them alive and train them in the way that they should go. That is a tall order!

I love being ordinary, but it does surprise me how hard it is at times.

Melissa said...

I have been away for awhile and have been thinking about about this post. I find that being ordinary is a good place because it keeps me humble. Not on my own, but the constant reminder that doing those "tall orders" can not happen on my own or in my own strength.

I rarely find other ordinary women to connect with at a heart level, and in you I am so grateful to have that amazing connection. Yes! That is so cool :) I also love watching your "ordinary" life in action, I am always learning from you sweet friend. Thank you~

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