Friday, April 3, 2009

Just trust me, ok?

Trust is a very BIG five letter word. It looks so innocent, we can trust the God of the universe right? Well, yes, of course we can. So, do we?

Well, so often that evil little three letter word creeps in...

This is what I have come to realize about that little three letter word is that it negates everything previously said.

Yes God, I know you are sovereign and working in my best interest, but....
Yes God, You have proved yourself faithful time and time again, but....
Yes God, I know what Your word says and I believe that it is inspired by You and applicable for all times, but....

So, in one small word we have lessened the sovereignty of God, His absolute faithfulness and made His word less powerful than it most certainly is! It is not always blatant, but if it is there than He knows our doubt and we so often act on that instead of acting on faith.

Now, what is faith? Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the hope of things not seen." Things not seen is a very real idea to us, especially in today's economy. We cannot see the future of our investments, we cannot see how we will make it through the week without any income, we cannot see how we will go another day with so little sleep, we cannot see how our fear will not overcome us. The list goes on and on. Yes, it does seem quite rocky in our world today, but honestly, we have never been able to "see" all that was ahead! Not even in the times of plenty and little concern. Can you think back to a time of "plenty" in your life? Were you trusting a little easier then? Probably you were. I know that I would say I did.

Unfortunately it is probably because we felt like we were more secure. Uncertain time cause us to be uncertain. When in all honesty, they should cause us to have more confidence! Why? Becuase the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE is working on our behalf. I once heard John Piper say, "God is busy at work doing 1,000 things in your life right now, that you cannot see." Ahh! There is that "hope for things unseen." What a beautiful picture of God Himself at work on my behalf. I also love that just because things in my life change, my God does not change.

My husband losing his job, does not make God less sovereign.
My children stubbornly remaining in foolishness, does not make God less powerful.
My finances lost in the world market, does not make God less than a perfect Provider.
My unanswered questions and fears, does not make God out of touch with me.

In complete contrast, the ways of the world, which fail so often, should cause us to burst out in thanksgiving and strengthen our faith because we KNOW God has NOT changed! And, the other beauty in faith is that is only has to be the size of a mustard seed and God Himself will strengthen it! Nothing will be impossible for me, because God is on my side.

The other amazing thing about God is that He doesn't shut down the work site. When I stumble in my faith, when it is incredibly weak and I am questioning, He is still at work. He is not getting paid to do what He does for me and for you, but He is faithfully working hard for us! Some of the things we are doing right now with our lives do not seem to be collecting any benefits. Does that make them worthless time spent? Absolutely not, because we know that " in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." (Galatians 6:9)

Are you carrying a heavier load right now due to the ways of our world? It has caused many of us to save more, work more and do with less, which is honestly sometimes a little more work. But because we can trust, we can keep doing. We do not want to be the fool talked about in James: "Do you want to be shown, you foolish person, that faith apart from works is useless?" (James 2:20) We want to be those found faithful in the end, hearing "Well done, good and faithful servant." ( Matthew 25:21)

Saying we have faith in our God, yet not doing the very things He is asking of us is showing that "faith apart from works is useless." We cannot fake trust. We either do trust or we don't, period.

So, where are you having to trust right now that seems beyond your own ability? That's it! You have found the perfect place in which you need to be absolutely obedient and say yes to God. For me, it is that God is asking me to work less and be home more. (Which I am more that happy to do!) Is there some fear? Yes, because lessening our income in today's world doesn't make that much sense, but... I have very clearly heard my God say, "Just trust me, ok?"

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