Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Child Training Tuesday: Library List

The Squire and the Scroll...............Jennie Bishop
Paintings by Presto McDaniels
This book is a wonderful training tool for young boys, concerning guarding their pure heart. There is also a version for young girls. It tells the story of a young squire who accompanies a knight on a quest to rescue the Lantern of Purest Light. Along the way, he uses the commands taught to him by his parents from his scroll. An example is "Make level paths for your feet." A wonderful training tool and a good story with beautiful paintings.

One Boy.........Laura Vaccaro Seeger
This fun book uses cut-outs within the page to help make words on the following page. Very fun reading with bright primary color pictures.

Inch by Inch..........Leo Lionni
(Caldecott Honor Book) A simple and eye-drawing book of artwork with a story of a winsome inchworm who measure everything under the sun!

Charlie & Lola: But excuse Me that is My book................... Lauren Child
Based on the television show Charlie and Lola, this book is very fun to read and look at! The pictures and print are whimsical and crazy. The story is about a book Lola loves that she is unable to bring home her favorite book, but finds something new and exciting!

ABCDrive........Naomi Howland A fun alphabet picture book that uses all the many different things we see as we travel for the alphabet words.

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.......Virginia Lee Burton
If you have not been exposed to Ms. Burtons artwork, it is enchanting! The sweet story of enduring friendship and loyalty will inspire your children to look out for the best for others.

The Little House......Virginia Lee Burton
This is one of my all-time favorites! The precious story of a little house that struggles to not get pushed out of her homestead as the city grows all around her. A very special person soon comes to bring life back to the Little House as the story comes to a sweet ending.

Island Boy.......Barbara Cooney
This book tells of a boy name Mattias and his lived that is well-lived. From the beginning of his life to the end, he made choices that were for the good of his own heart and those whom he loved. The artwork is amazing!

How My Library Grew by Dinah...........Martha Alexander
A very sweet story of how a little girls town library is built and how she and Teddy find something special when it is all finished!

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