Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On the other side of the world.....

Aletheia Banjara School in Andrah Predesh, Inida is a place where seeds of hope are being planted.  Where the lives of over 300 children are being impacted with the truth that there is One true God that loves them and offers an unshakable hope for them and their future.  God is at work in this place!  Will you please join in prayer for me and five others as we travel and serve the teachers at the ABS school over the next 11 days?  I cannot wait to come home and tell the stories that I know will fill my heart after seeing what God will do with this small offering of sacrifice we make for Him in this place.  Thank you!  Below is a prayer guide~

From November 17-27, our team will be going to Aletheia Banjara School in Gurrapu Thanda, India, to conduct a teacher in-service.  Our hope is that God’s Word would come alive to the teachers through the Christian Character Qualities curriculum written by a dedicated member of our team.  Our prayer is that the teachers would develop a vision for reaching their students for Christ through teaching these godly virtues more effectively.   We would greatly appreciate your prayers for us as we minister to the Banjara people.

Our first and foremost request is that in all we do and say, we would be vessels used by the Lord for His glory; that we would be invisible and God would be the focus as we share His truth.(2Cor.4:7,10; 2Tim.2:21)

Pray for the Lord to multiply our time and energy, to thwart Satan’s attacks, and to enable us to keep His priorities. (Eph. 5:15-17; Ps. 90:12)

One way we are concerned that Satan may render us less effective is through health problems and fears. We would ask that you pray for the Lord to protect us in all ways.(Ps. 28:7-8; Ps.18:1-3)

Another request we have in the physical dimension is for our energy and stamina.  We have a grueling travel and ministry schedule, and it will only be the Lord sustaining us victoriously.  Pray that we can stay focused in spite of sleep-deprivation and missing families over Thanksgiving.(Isaiah 40:29-31; Phil. 4:13)

Our families at home will be doing everything from homeschooling to cooking Thanksgiving dinner while we are gone.  Please pray for protection on our families and for a special blessing on them for their willingness to sacrifice in order for us to minister. (Num. 6:24-26)

Pray that at all times we will have servants’ hearts, flexible attitudes,  unity, and sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading (Phil.2:3; Phil.4:11-12; Eph.4:1-3)

Lastly, we pray for the Lord to go before us and prepare the hearts of the teachers who will hear the information that we will present, and that it will be truly life-changing for them.  Pray that circumstances that they are going through will prepare their hearts in such a way that they will not be overwhelmed by all of the information, but will see it as the answer to many questions that have come to the surface in their teaching.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak just the right words through us to each person, and that we’ll encourage and show the love of Christ to everyone and each other.  (Col.3:14-17; 4:2-6; 2Thes.3:5)

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness for our team.

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