Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello India!

Wow- yesterday felt like the longest day ever. We kept saying "when we got here yesterday" but actually it had been that morning! God was so good and we were upgraded to  business class on our flight from London and we all felt that we had rested well. Such a blessing- the flight from Dallas to London was over booked and packed like sardines. We have seen so much and the city is so very very busy I can't take it all in! The streets are full of cars, motorcycles, people, bikes, mini taxis and we've seen 2 cows! Everyone honks ALL the time and the driving "rule" is "the bravest one who guesses best wins!" I am the designated front seat rider.....whoa! It is wild :) The poverty of the peoples lives both physical and spiritual needs is overwhelming- although it has not been as shocking as I expected. Last night we walked to the restaurant and I did not feel unsafe- just very aware of the MANY vehicles passing less than a foot  from me! I ate spicy lamb and chicken with rice, corn that was great- cooked different than we do it and amazing naan, a flat bread. I am glad for the excitement to be here. God is very real and I feel Him close which such a comfort as I walk and ride through this city. I have not yet felt nervous or overwhelmed- We are going to a Telegu church this morning and then meeting to pray and plan this afternoon. We will head to the village in the morning. We heard from the team that was visiting this past week that the teachers are warm and receptive and the children are SO EXCITED to have them there. I am looking forward to the village and seeing them all.  The team before us had a medical clinic and saw every child as well as around 100 from the village. It is 6:45am Sunday morning here right now and the sunrise is  coming over the buildings. I slept all night well and feel "on schedule" so far, not too much jet lag, we will see what the day brings!

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houseoffive said...

Melissa, Thanks for visiting my blog and praying for our little Hazel. What an amazing opportunity you have in your service to God in India. I will be praying for you and will keep visiting to hear about your time there. Blessings,

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