Friday, December 10, 2010


Today started out like most other days....I was up early to get some work done and then study. Wesley and I were on the couch reading together at 7:00am, the boys were still sleeping....... wait! Did I just say Wesley was home? Well, truth be told we had an appointment this morning, so he stayed home to attend that with us and then go in to work. Then it looked like it was going to be one of those days....

Eli woke up with a stomach bug. So with a little rearranging, I moved a meeting and my sweet husband stayed home with the boys. When I got back home he headed into work and the house was pretty quiet. We had lunch, Evan went down for a
nap, Eli laid down and Luke got books for quiet time. I started folding laundry and then it hit me. This sweet beautiful unexpected moment of time.

Soft music in the background and a kind of stillness in the house where I know that I can actually feel each of them breathing. The rare little gift of time to be productive, yet really enjoy the stillness of my little men. I felt like my heart got a glimpse of that peace that comes in really doing my work unto the Lord. I was so happy my day didn't work out as planned, happy to be here with my men~ resting and just soaking it up.
I'm glad I wasn't too busy. I didn't miss this moment when time literally felt like it slowed down, just for us.

Each year we read through the word and find "What God wants for Christmas." This year we decided to give him our attitudes of gratefulness. Here was a living moment of my heart leaping with gratitude. For tomorrow is a busy day and I will be away from my men. Today, however, I was gifted this precious moment, completely

Thank you God it was enjoyed and noticed, rather than lost in the busyness of life. May I be reminded daily to slow down and leave room for You to do the unexpected....

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