Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet dreams

When it comes to bed time I am a no nonsense kind of gal. We have a good routine and I stick to it! We get our jammies on, have family worship, brush teeth, go potty and I have built in for all the other things that usually come up at bedtime..... having one drink of water, asking one question, giving each other hugs, giving Evan hugs......then we climb into bed and say prayers. Then, (when it all goes well) we hit the sweet spot in the routine when they want me to tuck them in. This is when I make sure they have their BB's in the right spot so they can rub that perfect, yet worn out spot. I give "fast & slow" kisses, tell whisper stories in their ears, "pet" Luke so he settles down and tell them how very much I love them.

The world slows down just a little at this moment. I breath deep as I send them off to sweet dreams and the heart molding process that I pray God will do each night as they sleep under His watchful eye. I lay them into His hands again at the end of the day, for I am not promised tomorrow and I cannot keep watch over them through the night, but He does~

I sneak back in every night before my own head hits the pillow and I stare at them. I take in each little breath and snore, their sweet faces so peaceful and still. I pray over them and ask God to use them in great ways for His glory. I smile and whisper something that I love about them into their ear, then I linger just to listen to them breathe.

Tonight I am quiet in thought.... God says in His word, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5) The darkness around me as I sit in the middle of their room and listen. The warmth I feel when I think of God's presence here in this room, filling the space. I also think of His words.... "the whole earth is full of His glory..."

This space is full of His glory, His tender creations, His precious gifts to us. Each breath is His and He knows the number of their days, so I am reminded to simply enjoy them and lead them to Him. Let them see why living for Him alone has no comparison, for it matters the most and will satisfy all longings of the heart.

Thank you Lord for this sweet spot each night that I am so privileged to experience. Thank you for giving me another day with them~

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