Thursday, April 29, 2010

Journal Writings...

the stillness of a new morning

fresh dew




new opportunities to serve

the simple acceptance of a child

fresh beginnings

The darkness of the human condition, the knowing of your own shortcomings and barriers to complete allegiance to Him, makes HIS goodness hard to grasp. His grace is extended to me at all times, yet in the stimulation of all that surrounds me, I forget that GRACE is what sustains me. From sun-up to sun-down I serve, love and pour myself out, often missing the small moments to refresh my soul in the warmth of His goodness.

details being worked out years in advance

an encouraging husband

daily learning moments that stretch me

healthy active boys


His Word...steady, reliable, true

When life begins to feel like an endless cycle of stuff, lists, chores...I feel the pull. My heart is being tugged at for change.
Simplicity. Stillness. Focus. Intentional actions.

The desire of my heart and the reality of our daily routine do not match. The "everyday life" takes up so much space, it seems hard to shift. Oh Lord, that you would make room and help me to see the narrow path on which to lead my boys each day. Thank you Lord for knocking, for being there ready. You are always ready. Am I? Do I greet each day basking in the stillness of your new mercy, savoring the moment of quiet before the house becomes all abuzz with the activities of my precious little men.
Life can be complicated by so many things, Oh Lord, help me keep my vision clear and simple. You have called me to much....

dirty laundry
messy beds

boo boos and band-aides

oatmeal in bowls

spilled juice on the table

papers to be filed

training in righteousness
cleaning floors

This is the life with which you have blessed me, called me, and equipped me to partake in. The journey of my soul to hunger for you more deeply. The process in which you are refining me to look more like You ~ and you call me....

"But to do justice, to love kindness; And to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

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Mark and Laura said...

I know we don't know each other but I stumbled across your blog today. Thanks for the encouraging words to keep on surrendering our lives to Christ. It is very difficult to do in the busyness of life. Keep on! Sometimes it's easy to start feeling like we are alone in our daily struggle to deny self and follow Christ.

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