Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Blog?

I was first introduced to the world of blogging about 8months ago and I have been on a journey of investigation and exploration ever since. I learned many things from brave bloggers all around the world. I appreciate the vulnerability each of them offers when they share their world with us. This includes personal habits, beliefs, fears, solutions, lifestyles,choices, the list goes on and on. Each post reveals more of who they are and how they wish to impact the world around them.

So why did I decide to jump in? My mind is constantly running with ideas, thoughts and questions. (Just ask my sweet husband) I realized I desired a way to document all that was running in my head on a daily basis. I also felt that God had called me to this unfamiliar world and that He was going to use it for His glory. Blogging is not about me, but about how God is refining me. How He is using me in this little part of the world.

I purpose to use what He has shown me about His character and His truth as the foundation of why and how I blog. I won't be posting on a daily basis, becuase of my commitments to my family. I plan to post on Tuesday and Saturdays. So, thank you for stopping by and be sure to comment if you feel led. I love to see how we can engage with one another from all differents parts of the world! God is so big and I am excited to see what He will do here at Absolute Surrender~

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Lisa Dace said...

Thank you for starting your own blog. It is beautiful and makes me feel like we can keep in touch even on the days when we don't get to see/talk to each other. The pictures are great and I love to hear your voice in each post. Love you!

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