Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He's on the move!

Well hello there! I really cannot believe how long it has been since I've posted.... No excuses, just the reality of the season of life we are wading through right now! I have had some things on my heart that are posts in my mind, I am praying that soon God will allow me some "extra" time to put them down here. But for now, some fun pictures to bring family and friends up to date with the Carruthers Brothers!

From the title of this post I'm guessing that you have figured out that Evan is now walking! He turned 10 months old and walked the next day! It has been a sweet mix of emotions for me, as I love watching them grow, but also want to hold on to him as long as I can in that sweet baby stage. Here is a snapshot of him and as you will see he is quite proud of himself!

Luke turned five in late October and had a "Bug Birthday", the weather was beautiful and we were able to have it outside~ He really is showing signs of growing up so much! We made a BIG deal of him turning 5 and he has gladly stepped up to the occasion! He and I went to see "Live Veggie Tales" and he was the winner of the big drawing for a 30 DVD box set of movies! He was pretty excited :)
We had fun at our annual pumpkin patch visit~ it was about 80 degrees and with no rain for months, extremely dusty! But fun was had by all of us and we were able to capture the boys again at our favorite pumpkin spot!

This was Eli's second season of soccer. He loves this sport and always has a good time on the field. He loves when Daddy is home on Sunday's to play with him in the yard! This was his last game and it was quite chilly!

Both of the boys are doing well in school~ of course Luke likes to be on the move as much as he can, but he is really growing in his ability to sit focused on school and tasks! Evan loves to be a part of everything we do and has learned to be right with the boys, but now always "in their stuff"~ Here he is helping Eli with his homework :)

The boys have been playing lots of football lately, and Evan thinks it is so funny! He even claps for them when they are done. Every time the boys throw the ball to the each other, Evan cracks up laughing! They are such a joy to us and I am glad I had a little time to share with them with you! Love you all :)

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