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Easter Celebrations

UPDATED: 5.5.10 with pictures

Yesterday, Eli came up to me and said, Mommy, I want to draw a big cross on April 2nd and hang it up so we remember what Jesus did for us. Then on April 4th, I want to hang up a picture of how he rosed up and we can celebrate!"

These words were an encouragement to me because I do not want to at all forget why we do celebrate Easter Sunday! I also cannot waste this time to share about what Jesus did for us and why. So, here is our family plan and some great ways to involve kids in Easter week~ These are not scheduled to happen on the actually days as marked in history, but rather to help your children understand what happened the week leading up to Jesus' death as well as why we celebrate this special time of the year.

John 10:1-10 The Good Shepherd

Talk as a family how Jesus is the Good Shepherd, he is the door (the only way to salvation) In verses 17-18 it talks of how Jesus willingly laid down His life, talk about what this means to help your children understand the greatness in His death on our behalf.


John 13:1-20 The Washing of the Disciples Feet

What you will need: tubs of warm water, soap & towels

Read the scriptures, then talk with your children about why Jesus did this. Then take turns serving one another by washing one another's feet. Talk about how this meant Jesus was on the floor, how the disciples wore sandals and their feet would be very dirty. Talk about why this was so important for Jesus to do for the disciples.


Matthew 26:17-30
The Passover

Prepare a special meal for your family to share and talk about Jesus' last supper with his disciples. Before the meal read Psalm 113 and at the end read Psalm 118:22-29.


Matthew 26:36-56 The Betrayal & Arrest

If possible take your children outside when it is dusk and read this to them. Talk of how Jesus was nearing the time of his death, his prayer and how the disciples fell asleep. Then talk about Judas and how he betrayed Jesus and he was then arrested. Lead your children in prayer thanking Jesus for his willingness to die for them, so that they may have the free gift of salvation.


John 18-19:1-16
John 19:17-37 The Crucifixion

What you will need: a white pillowcase, washable markers, brown & red permanent markers

First read or re-tell the accounts of Jesus on trial and his beating. (You can make this age appropriate). Before reading of Jesus' crucifixion, draw a cross on the white pillowcase. Then have your children put their fingerprints all over the cross with the washable markers. Have your children name sins as they do this. Then you draw a heart around the fingerprints to represent Christ's love for us as He gave His life for us. Read the John 19 passage and then pray with your children.


Matthew 27:57-66 The Burial

Read and talk with your children about the burial of Jesus. Take the white sheet you made yesterday and put it in the dryer with your children. This is to represent how Jesus was place in a secure tomb. (You are also going to wash the sheet without them knowing and dry it!)

Wash sheet and dry overnight.

Make the special walk to the tomb: 1 sheet of paper (red, green, yellow, orange, black, white, purple and blue) In that order, write these on them and lay them out to lead to the tomb (dryer)

1. The blood Jesus gave
2. The grass he made

3. The sun so bright

4. The edge of night

5. The sins we made

6. The grace Jesus gave

7. The hour of Jesus' sorrow

8. The hope in our new tomorrow


John 20:1-18 The Empty Tomb!

On Easter morning, I always sing "Up From the Grave He Arose!" If you don't know this song, maybe you can find it in a hymnal. Wake up celebrating that Jesus is alive! Follow the special path to the tomb and take out the pillowcase~ the "sins" will be washed away. Celebrate!

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